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Tarun Mohanbhai - Joke In The Box - Review

Last night I went to see Tarun Mohanbhai’s Joke In the Box at the Vault, Q Theatre.

This clever show sees Tarun play a comedian with a identity crisis who decides to reinvent himself.

Joke In The Box explores all the comedy clichés while ‘Ziggy’ the comedian tries to find his new style, eventually emerging as Tarun.

The show is narrated through Ziggy’s relationship with his agent Paul who only communicates with him via the phone, be it Alf or Smartphone shaped!

I have sat in the front row of many comedy gigs, and last night it meant that I got to join in the fun on stage as Ziggy tried out some magic on me.

He battles with his persona’s which include ventriloquism, interpretive dance and my personal favourite the ‘female’ comedian, he eventually emerges as Tarun, where he gives his best performance and brings out the biggest laughs of the night.

I wished I could have seen more of Tarun and less of Ziggy as I loved the idea and concept of the show, but felt he really came to life on stage as himself, where I definitely wanted to hear more.

You can see Tarun Mohanbhai at The Vault, Q Theatre until 19 May at the NZ International Comedy Festival.

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