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New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2012

Its time to get our laugh on for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2012.

This is the 20th Annual festival and sees comedians returning who performed at the very first festival, as well as the best in new live comedy all kicking off from 27 April - 20 May.

The festival gives us 3 weeks of the best live comedy from New Zealand, and the world, and is enjoyed by an aucdience of 100,000 nationwide.

Across Auckland  200 performers, 118 shows in 23 venues around the city fill with giggles, chuckles and laughter!

Keeping Up With The Grid will be covering as much as possible and posting reviews for you all to experience the fun, and even help you decide who to go and see. 

Having covered Comedy festivals in the UK, including Edinburgh Fringe, I can’t wait to see what New Zealand has to offer.

There is so much to chose from like big well know names like Rhys Darby to début performers. It’s a festival for everyone, so if you have never been previously why not raise a smile this year and see what everyone is sniggering about.

If you would like me to cover your events during the festival please get in touch with me at Creative Sidekicking or on Twitter @ingridgrenar

New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2012 - 27 April - 20 May


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